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Take more displays and results from Facebook ads with Profaj!

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Facebook ads introduce your brand to your customers and fans in the future.

Profaj helps you to place Facebook ads in accordance with your advertising purpose and to achieve the target of your company.

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Advertising Purposes

We do advertising setup in compliance with your sale, membership or brand awareness purpose.


We determine your target audience according to region, age, gender and fields of interest.


We create advertising displays and videos in accordance with your purpose of placing ads.

Facebook Ads Models

Post and Image

Show your Facebook posts or special designs for ad to your target audience.

Carousel Ads

Tell your advantages, product properties or story with Facebook Carousel ads!

Video Advertising

Show your videos to your target audience with Facebook Video advertising. Use your TV ads in Internet.

Canvas Ads

Provide high effect with story and journey of your brand through Canvas ads of Facebook.

Facebook Ads According to Marketing Purposes of your Company

Promoting Your Posts

Deliver the posts on your Facebook page to more users.

Introduce Your Page

Get more like and follower for your Facebook page.

Direct the People to Your Website

Get more traffic from Facebook to your

Reaching the Users Around Your Company

Get more customers to your company with ads for local organizations.

Increasing the Return in Your Website

Increase Sales of Your Website with Facebook ads.

Increasing Application Interaction

Enable your downloaded applications to be used much more and often.

Application Upload

Enable your mobile application to be Downloaded More.

Increasing Participation to Your Event

Get more participant to the events such as concert, exhibition, meeting.

Getting Video Viewing

Get more viewing and displaying for your video advertising.

To Enable the People to Receive Your Offer

Attract More Attention for Discounts and Opportunities.

Getting Potential Customers

Get potential customer data in more practical way.

Brand Recognition Ads

Facebook ad model based on viewing and access.

Get Advantages with Facebook Ads!

High Access

You can reach 90% of online population fo Turkey with Facebook ads. In addition, you can reach the users across the world with Facebook ads to do international sales. You can reach millions of users to grow your business and show them ads with Facebook ads.

Interested and Valuable Targeting

With Facebook ads, you can target the users having specific demographic features, specific areas, users in specific professions, as well as areas of interest and behaviors such as traveling or existing in a place. So that, Facebook ads makes it possible to target the users who are likely to purchase for your company.

Strong and Measurable Effect

In Facebook ads, you make payment for clicking, displaying the ads or viewing online ads according to your company purpose. In addition, all ad clicking or viewing can be measured or reported. Profaj sets up Facebook ads according to growth purpose of your company and enable you to get a strong effect by evaluating ad results providing performance to you.

Achieve Your Brand Target!

You can maintain marketing target of your brand and company in line with general marketing strategies with Facebook ads.

More Interaction

Get more dales, visitor, like, application download on Facebook.

Brand Recognition

Reach your Fans on Facebook. Get viewing and ad displaying.


As Profaj, we successfully managed ten thousands of marketing campaigns of over thousand customers.

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Leave details to us in Advertising Management

Our advertising team ensures you reach out your customers on right time and in the right place with a right message.

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Experienced Team

With its experienced team in the sector, Profaj understands your business and provides solutions for your business.

Certificate and Information

Whole advertising team of Profaj has the certification of Google and Facebook which is internationally valid.

Best Software

Profaj uses the best and the most technological software in order to manage and optimize your ads.

Get to know Profaj!

Profaj Advertisement Agency works for the perfection of digital advertising works of your company with the know-how and experience obtained with its customers over 1000. The young and dynamic team of Profaj fulfills your digital marketing needs and expectations in full.

Are you new on the Internet?

Obtain all the necessary information with Profaj about Online Advertising and Digital Marketing. Profaj has all the information that you need to develop your business and answers for your any kind of question.

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