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    Companies expand with productive ads

    Whether you are an entrepreneur that recently breaks into the market or an international company that opens into the new markets. Expand your business with Profaj thanks to suitable ideas for your marketing.

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    We do advertising planning in compliance with your sale, membership or brand awareness purpose.


    We determine your target audience according to region, age, gender and fields of interest.


    We create advertising displays and videos in accordance with your purpose of placing ads.

    Be Anywhere in the Internet!

    Be Anywhere in the Internet with online ads of Profaj!
    Get high return in an efficient way out of your online ads with advertising strategies of sectoral experienced expert team of Profaj!

    Google Ads

    Google AdWords search network and display network.

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook like, website clicking, video and transformation ads.

    Instagram Ads

    Instagram like, website clicking, video and catalog ads.

    Twitter Ads

    Twitter like, website clicking and prominent tweets.

    YouTube Advertising

    YouTube in-stream, search results and Masthead ads.

    Yandex Ads

    Ads with keyword target for Yandex ads.

    Gmail Ads

    Sponsored ads in Gmail interface

    Dijital Media Purchase

    Display network for Hürriyet, Mlliyet, Sahibinden websites

    Online ads processes with Profaj


    Determining your targets, Profaj listens to you to understand your marketing purposes to enable you to get the most effective results with right advertising budget. So that you get right advertising to achieve your targets.


    Profaj creates keywords and advertising banners suitable for expectations and searches of your target audience and chooses the most suitable ads placement which you can reach your target audience easily to enable you to reach your targets.


    Profaj publishes your ads in the right time, right place and with the right message to enable you to achieve your targets. In addition, it makes use of ads opportunities by controlling the statics during the publication of online ads.


    Profaj always measures the performance that you have obtained with online ads and optimized your ads to provide more results and performance in order to enable your digital ads to achieve brand purpose.

    Suitable for your Job and Sector

    Profaj understands your job and sector to the finest details and develops advertising strategies in accordance with your marketing purposes. Profaj interprets your performance data obtained through online ads publication and always optimizes your online ads to increase the effect.

    Get more sales and customer potential out of your web site with Google, Facebook ads managed by Profaj.

    Carry your company
    to the top places in Google.

    Show your company to your potential customers searching for your products and services wherever they are. Take place among organic results for permanent effect and among sponsored results for fast effect.


    Online ads provide more measuring and more data when compared to traditional marketing channels such as billboard and newspaper ads. Profaj makes this data more comprehensible for your company. In addition Profaj uses this data to increase online ads performance of your company continuously.


    Online ads provide more targeting options such as age, gender, region, time, place and location to enable you to reach your potential customers. Profaj understands your target audience in the Internet in detail and shows your ads to the targeted users.

    Flexible Budget

    While online ads provide you to place ads with any budget and for any duration, they also enable the small-scale organizations to compete with large-scale competitors. Profaj works in accordance with your marketing purposes to provide the most effective marketing regardless of the budget.


    Online Ads provides flexibility to show you in the right time and place in order to reach your target audience. You can pause or accelerate your ads any time. Profaj controls online ads of your company in accordance with your marketing purposes and calender.

    Target Mobile
    Device Users

    Target your audience while they are searching in the Internet, watching video, looking for a location on mobile device and using mobile applications!


    As Profaj, we successfully managed tens of thousand of marketing campaigns of over a thousand customers.

    Hemen Hallederim GDN Digital Advertising

    Enriko Aliberti GDN Digital Advertising

    Ekin Koleji Markası Dijital Reklamlar

    Koko Patik Digital Advertising

    Volt Elektrik Motorları Digital Advertisements

    On’live Deluxe Hotel Digital Advertisements

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    Our advertising team ensures you reach out your customers on right time and in the right place with a right message.

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    Experienced Team

    With its experienced team in the sector, Profaj understands your business and provides solutions for your business.

    Certificate and Information

    Whole advertising team of Profaj has the certification of Google and Facebook which is internationally valid.

    Best Software

    Profaj uses the best and the most technological software in order to manage and optimize your ads.

    Get to know Profaj!

    Profaj Advertisement Agency works for the perfection of digital advertising works of your company with the know-how and experience obtained with its customers over 1000. The young and dynamic team of Profaj fulfills your digital marketing needs and expectations in full.

    Are you new on the Internet?

    Obtain all the necessary information with Profaj about Online Advertising and Digital Marketing. Profaj has all the information that you need to develop your business and answers for your any kind of question.

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