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Post, ads designs for your social media accounts

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Your target audience love good designs in social media.

Profaj designs high effective and striking social media contents with creative ideas.

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Creative Ideas

Competition ideas, contents receiving high rate of clicking

Designs with High Interaction

Attractive social media ads design providing sales

Dynamic Posts

Striking story, gif or video designs

Show Your Difference in Social Media!

Profaj produces the most suitable designs for social media dynamics and corporate identity. Your social media accounts become a creative reflection of your corporate language.

Different Messages and Different Designs

Profaj creates alternatives with different messages and different designs for the same advertising campaign. So that, it helps you to use your advertising budget more efficiently by determining the images providing the highest effect with A/B test.


We made tens of thousand of designs and shared these designs for tens of brands. We carefully followed up social media accounts.

Standart Civata Social Media Management

Volt Elektrik Motorları Social Media Management

Modern Çağ Koleji Social Media Management

İzmir Adagöz Tıp Merkezi Social Media Management

Miray Güzelbahçe Social Media Management

Meditera Social Media Management

Let Us Deal with the Details in Social Media Management!

Our social media experts, image designers, video team work to strengthen your brand in social media.

Experienced Team

Experience obtained through social media management of Profaj for tens of accounts for long years

Social Media Softwares

Profaj uses best softwares for sharing plans, content sharing, comment tracking.

Rich Content Production

Video, animation videos, gifs, stopmotion videos, unique designs are at Profaj

Get to know Profaj!

Profaj Digital Advertising Agency works for imperfection of digital advertising studies with all knowledge and experience with its customers over 1000. Our young and dynamic team fulfills your digital marketing requirements and expectations in full.

Are you new on the Internet?

Get all information required with Online Ads and Digital Marketing with Profaj. The information which may help you to grow your business in the Internet, the things you are curious about, all has an answer in Profaj.

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