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Place Google Ads with Profaj. Get more results with less cost.

Advanced Google Ads management, Google Ads optimization, advertising setup and reporting service by experienced team in Google Ads.

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Profaj helps you to grow your business with Google Ads.

Show the ads of your company in Google search, on YouTube and in hundreds of website with Profaj. Open your brand and company to new markets. Profaj provides more efficient ads management, advertising strategy and advertising reporting services with tis experienced team in Google Ads. It prepares advertising creatives for you and works to enable you to get perfect results.




We organize Google ads campaigns, keywords and advertising copies.


We organize Google Search Ads to provide you the highest return.


We determine and report the most profitable advertising clicks and viewing.

Let Your Potential Customers Find You!

With Google Ads, you can promote the products and services and enable your target group to find you easily. With Google Ads, you can reach the users anywhere in the Internet. While your customers are searching on the Internet, searching for an information on the Internet, watching videos on the Internet or using mobile applications, you can reach them through Google Ads.

Google Search Network

Your Ads are displayed at the top in Google Search Result Page.

Social Media Contents

Profaj develops content according to the agenda, which receives high interaction.

Achieve your Marketing Targets with Google Ads!

Brand recognition or sales. Profaj helps you to achieve your marketing targets by using Google Ads in accordance with the scale of your company and in an effective way.

Brand Recognition Ads

More view-oriented video and banner ads

Result Ads

Ads with the target of sales, filling form, visiting the shop

Google Adwords Advertising Models

Place Effective and Efficient Ads with Google Ads.

Google Search Ads

Be at the top places with Google Adwords Search Ads. Reach the users searching for your product and services instantly while they are doing search.

Youtube Advertising

Place your ads with attractive video advertising on YouTube. Make payment when your ad is watched.

Google Remarketing Ads

Show your ads to the users who have previously visited your website. So that, you can increase your brand recognition and sales possibility.

Google Display Network

Show your ads to the users who have previously visited your website. So that, you can increase your brand recognition and sales possibility.

Gmail Ads

Show ads to the users having received e-mail from your competitors through Gmail which is the widest e-mail system across the world.

Google Shopping Ads

Show the products of your e-commerce website with their prices through Google search results.

Measure the Performance and Get High Efficiency

100% Measurable

Each ad which you place with Google AdWords, each clicking, each payment and viewing can be checked any time and performance of the ads can be measured by 100%.


Google AdWords qualify each payment thanks to its advantages provided with effect area and access power, and advanced technology.

You Decide How Much You will Pay!

Google ads provides advertising solutions for companies with different scales. If you want you can target and show ads with TRY 100 per day to your area are with higher budget to all world.

No visit, no payment.

After your Google AdWords account is set up, you make payment only when your ads are clicked by your potential customers or the videos on YouTube are watched. In other words, you make payment as you get result.

Save budget as you want.

The audience that you can access with AdWords from local organization ads to international advertising works is limited with your budget. You can determine the daily budget for ads with the help of Profaj and you can increase or decrease your daily budget any time.

Google AdWords Advertising Methods

1. Copy Advertising

Place short and attractive messages for your brand in Google Search or Google Display Network.

2. Display Network

Place banner ads prepared for your brand on Google Display Network, YouTube and Gmail.

3. Video Advertising

Stream your videos on Google Display Network and YouTube. Empower your brand image with audio and video.

Get High Access with Perfect Sensitivity!

If you want, you can show your ads to a one district or to the world. Google Ads works perfectly to promote your brand in the target market.

Local Organizations

We publish efficient ads which enable the local organizations to reach potential customers in their areas.

International Targeting

We set up Google ads to reach the customers all over the world and we organize your images and translation of your texts.

Get High Effect with Google AdWords!

Advance Targeting

In Google AdWords, you can target your potential customers according to the criteria such as age, area, gender and visited pages.

Wide Access

Google AdWords enable you to reach 98% of Internet users all over the world.

Budget Flexibility

We determine the amount you will pay for each click or per day according to your marketing targets with Google AdWords.

Rich Ad Diversity

In Google ads, you can show your text, banner or video ads in millions of website all over the world.

Place Fast and Effective Ads in 3 steps.


Profaj first listens to you to understand your business and to set up your purpose of campaign. Profaj tries to provide you AdWords with highest performance by reviewing your website and other advertising platforms.


Profaj tries to determine your budget that you should pay for your ads in accordance with sales expectation of your brand, company and purpose of your campaign.

Advertising Publication

Profaj shows the ads of your company with right message in right time and to right users with your approval and checks and increase efficiency of your ads with measurement and optimization techniques of Profaj during the advertising process.


We successfully manages thousands of advertising campaign with our Google Ads Certified team as business partner with Google premier certification.

Koko Patik Digital Advertising

Volt Elektrik Motorları Digital Advertisements

On’live Deluxe Hotel Digital Advertisements

Park Bornova İzmir Facebook Ads

Park Bornova İzmir YouTube and Facebook Video Ads

Ekol Obesity Clinic Facebook Ads

Let us Deal with the Details in Google Ads!

Manage Google Ads of your company with the consultancy of Profaj.
Profaj focuses on using the most effective and efficient advertising channels for your company and regularly measures Google Ads performance.

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Certificate and Information

Our Google Ads Certified team has the experience of hundreds of customer accounts.

Google Premier Partner

Profaj is a Business Partners with Google Premier Certification.


Profaj manages all advertising accounts on the accounts of the customers.

Get to know Profaj!

Profaj Advertisement Agency works for the perfection of digital advertising works of your company with the know-how and experience obtained with its customers over 1000. The young and dynamic team of Profaj fulfills your digital marketing needs and expectations in full.

Are you new on the Internet?

Obtain all the necessary information with Profaj about Online Advertising and Digital Marketing. Profaj has all the information that you need to develop your business and answers for your any kind of question.

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