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Manage effectively your digital marketing campaigns.

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    Increase your share in Internet with Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns.

    Profaj prepares web sites special for your company, and manages Google AdWords and Facebook ads and social media accounts to promote your brand on Internet. It prepares striking creative images.

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    With Our DigitalMarketing Solutions İle

    We Complete All Processes.



    Profaj provides effective banner designs, video production, copywriting services for your brand.


    Ads Management

    Profaj successfully manages Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads accounts of your company.



    Profaj optimizes online ads accounts with the latest methods to provide the highest results with the same budget.

    Search Engine Marketing

    Profaj works to enable your brand to appear at top places of the searches relevant to your products and services. As a part of search engine marketing, it allows you to obtain maximum efficiency out of SEO and SEM.



    Place high performance ads in all search engines with Google AdWords, Yandex Direct and Bing Ads.



    Be at the top of organic results in Google, Yandex, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

    High Interactive Social Media Management

    Get more followers and more interaction with social media management of Profaj. Increase the return of social media ads.


    Social Media Management

    Profaj publishes your social media posts in time and responds questions of the followers


    Social Media Ads

    Profaj publishes effective social media ads on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

    Online Ads

    With Online Ads, Place Ads Where Your Customers are Available!

    Google Ads

    Google Ads search network and display network.

    Instagram Ads

    Instagram story, like, website clicking, video and catalog ads.

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook like, website clicking, video and transformation ads.

    Youtube Advertising

    YouTube in-stream, search results and Masthead ads.

    Represent Your Brand in a Strong way on the Internet.

    In digital marketing campaigns, a well-prepared website provides more return. Get higher return with the same budget with web design and e-commerce solutions of Profaj.


    Web Sites

    Get more return out of ads with corporate, mobile- and seo-compatible web site design.


    E-Commerce Websites

    Provide more sales out of your digital marketing campaigns with fast, easy-to-use e-commerce websites.

    Creative Designs for More View and More Click

    Design and video services created for any kind of platform such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube


    Banner and Image Design

    Banner design for advertising images, Google display network, Facebook and Instagram,


    Video and Dynamic Posts

    Preparing dynamic post, story and video advertising

    Our Digital Marketing Projects

    We have successfully managed all processes from design to ad publication
    from preparing to optimizing the website with our experienced team.

    Tolkar Website Design

    N’Food Website Design

    As-kim Logo Design

    Sonçağ Website Design

    Güleryüz Group Website Design

    Ebrar Plastik Website Design

    Let us Deal With the Details in Digital Marketing!

    Our design, video, advertising and social media teams realize their digital marketing projects in an integrated way.

    digital marketing

    Experience and Certification

    Profaj provides service with the experience of thousands of projects and certified team in digital marketing.


    Google and Facebook Support

    Profaj receives support directly from Europe headquarters of Google and Facebook.


    Technology and Innovation

    Profaj uses the latest technological equipment and software. Profaj follows the innovations in digital marketing and implements them for your brand successfully.

    Get to know Profaj!

    Profaj Digital Advertising Agency works for imperfection of digital advertising studies with all knowledge and experience with its customers over 1000. Our young and dynamic team fulfills your digital marketing requirements and expectations in full.

    Are you new on the Internet?

    Get all information required with Online Ads and Digital Marketing with Profaj. The information which may help you to grow your business in the Internet, the things you are curious about, all has an answer in Profaj.

    Effective Marketing Manual for Globalisation has been published