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With Profaj web design solutions, have a compatible SEO and mobile website.

Profaj has hundreds of customer references from Turkey and the world especially Izmir and Istanbul in the field of web design.

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    Increase your Internet share with new and modern design websites.

    Profaj prepares websites with simple chic design, fast and content management panel having SEO infrastructure compatible with tablet and mobile devices for your company.

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    We prepare simple and chic designs according to your business and corporate identity.



    We encode websites in responsive appearance compatible with SEO.


    Content Entry

    We enter contents of all pages compatible with SEO and your digital marketing campaigns.

    Mobile Compatible

    Profaj prepares the website of your company compatible with the mobile devices which can be displayed from all mobile and desktop devices. When designing your website, the information which is important and to be accessed by your customers in mobile status is rearranged in mobile appearance.

    Thanks to mobile compability in websites which is called responsive technology, the visitors who have entered your website by using mobile devices can find what they search for a very short time.

    Compatible with Search Engines

    Profaj prepares the website of your company by considering the criteria taken into consideration by Google and other search engines and the advanced SEO techniques makes easier for your company to be found in Google and to get upper ranks in the searches.

    Management Panel

    You can easily change the content on your website and update your website rapidly with the advanced and simple control panel. The management panel on websites designed by Profaj ensures that you can change the content easily and rapidly.

    Thanks to management panel on websites designed by Profaj, you can update data and you can change the appearance of your website with tens of parameters and options rapidly.

    WordPress Infrastructure

    Profaj uses WordPress which is the most preferred and the most common content management system of the world on almost all of the websites and builds its websites based on WordPress technology. WordPress ensures you to obtain solutions which will meet your requirements without making payment for design and software.

    WordPress also helps you to get an advantageous location for your website on Google search engine thanks to its advanced technology and simplified structure.


    We designed thousands of websites, provide software and content support and released with our experienced team.

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    Çiniliköy Modern Website Design

    Let us deal with the details in Web Design!

    Our graphic and software team work integratedly. Our team manages a problem-free process from website design to content preparation and encoding.

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    Profaj understands your business with its thousands of website experiences and provides suitable web design solutions for you.

    Encoding and Design

    Profaj provides encoding and design support under the same roof.

    Technology and Innovation

    Profaj uses the latest technological equipment and software. Profaj follows the innovations in web design and implements them for your brand successfully.

    Get to know Profaj!

    Profaj Advertisement Agency works for the perfection of digital advertising works of your company with the know-how and experience obtained with its customers over 1000. The young and dynamic team of Profaj fulfills your digital marketing needs and expectations in full.

    Are you new on the Internet?

    Obtain all the necessary information with Profaj about Online Advertising and Digital Marketing. Profaj has all the information that you need to develop your business and answers for your any kind of question.

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