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    The More Online Sale, the More Profit!

    Profaj works for your website and social media channels to provide higher sales with higher profit with efficient online ads within the scope of digital advertising agency services.

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    Profaj enables you to appear at the top places of Google AdWords results when your potential customers search for your products and services, and helps your organization to make more profit by analyzing the clicking and viewing in detail.

    Google Adwords Search Ads

    Be at the top of Google ads results!

    Google Product Ads

    Show your products with prices with Google Merchant.

    Provide High Effect with Google Display Network!

    Show your ads to the Internet users who have recently searched for your products and services, are still searching for your products and services, research, read comments and information online, watch videos and to your target audience who may purchase your product and services.

    Obtain Targeted Results with Facebook Ads!

    Target and show the ads to users who may potentially purchase your products and services, to your competitors or users interested in specific areas. Transform Facebook pages into product catalog for your potential customers with Facebook Carousel ads.

    Direct to Sale with Dynamic Remarketing!

    Profaj increases sales possibility by showing the ads reminding the users who have visited your products and services in your website of such products and opportunities in news websites such as Hürriyet, Milliyet, Sözcü, portals and mobile applications with remarketing methods such as Google, Facebook, Criteo.

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    Profaj Digital Advertising Agency works for imperfection of digital advertising studies with all knowledge and experience with its over 1000 customers. Our young and dynamic team fulfills your digital marketing requirements and expectations in full.

    Are you new on the Internet?

    Get all information required with Online Ads and Digital Marketing with Profaj. The information which may help you to grow your business in the Internet, the things you are curious about, all has an answer in Profaj.

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